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Whether your same is damaged after a burglary attempt, or maybe it is just old and hasn’t been appropriately maintained, Sherlocks Safes safe repair experts can help. Without training, expertise, and experience, we’ll help get your safe back into working condition.

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Reliable and Trustworthy Safe Repair Service

Keeping your valuables safe from possible risks and threats is very important. Safes can secure your valuables from threats of burglaries and environmental damage. You can install them in walls, keep them underground, or as a standalone safe somewhere hidden. They come with different locks, including a combination lock, electronic keypad, biometric, and key lock. Yet, losing the key or forgetting the combination or code to open your safe is possible.

But in life, things happen. Old safes stop working. New tech locks and fails. Safes can be damaged misusing them or stop working after a break-in attempt.

This is where our safe repair service comes in.

Our safe opening service will open up your locked safe and repair it once we are done. All our locksmiths undergo a thorough and strict background check so that you can feel comfortable while they work with your valuables inside the safe. Your safety is our priority, and we strive to maintain a relationship built on trust.

Quality Safe Repair Service

When Do You Need Safe Repair?

Getting safe repairs by a safe locksmith is very important since it holds valuable items that need tight security. Here are four signs that it’s time to get your safe repaired: 

If the key to your safe gets stuck or even breaks in the lock, you can contact us to repair your safe. Our certified locksmiths will remove the key stuck inside the lock. We will also examine the lock for wear and tear that can compromise your safe’s security. 

Sometimes, the door to your safe can jam or break, putting your assets at risk. With our safe emergency service, you can instantly contact us for repair work. Our locksmiths will open and repair the door to keep your valuables secure.

The lock to your safe can become tough to open with the key and may even need force to open on some days. This can further damage your safe and is a sign that you need a new one. But our repair service can help restore the door to its smooth, original position. Our locksmiths will cost-effectively fix the door.

Hinges can create various issues in shutting and opening the safe door. It would be best to instantly fix them before they get worse and compromise the security of your valuables. Our emergency safe repair services are available 24/7.

A safe needs proper handling. Some owners spin the combination lock dial too fast, which damages the lock. The lock has tiny bolts attached, so they can snap or wear out if you need to be more careful. Misusing locks can harm your safe, ultimately putting your items at risk. Call our customer service number to get emergency repairs if the combination lock wears out.

Locksmith Manhattan NY
Locksmith Manhattan NY

Range of Safes That We Can Repair

At one time, safes were only standard in offices and large businesses, but they have become more accessible now. The affordability of safes has allowed them to purchase for houses, retail, and even commercial use. Buyers can choose many different types of safes according to their needs. Our years of experience and dedicated work give us ample knowledge of repairing all types of safes. We also offer a training program for our locksmiths to know the trusting relationship that we have with our customers. Common scenarios:

  •         Burglary Safe
  •         Business Safe
  •         Depository safe
  •         Gun Safe Repair
  •         Fire Safe
  •         Home safe (especially when a home safe installation went wrong)
Safe Locksmith FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Safe Get Damaged During Safe Repairs?

Can the Safe Get Damaged During Safe Repairs? We always emphasize the importance of investing in a safe. The tight and solid security that the safe provides gives you peace of mind wherever you are. Our repair techniques by a safe technician make us stand out from the rest of the locksmiths. Sherlocks Locksmith specializes in safe repair services. A safe repair company and locksmith can open and repair safes without damaging them, so all your contents in the safe remain intact. This also means that your investment is well-spent.

Old Safe Opening — Do You Still Need a Repair?

Like many other types of machinery, safes need regular safe repair and maintenance service. It does not mean that your safe has to go through a lengthy procedure – just a mere check-up is enough. Frequent use of safes can cause their mechanisms to wear out, so it is essential to conduct regular checks.

How Often Should We Service Our Safe?

How regularly you service your safe depends on how much you use it. If it’s a depository safe, then you should open and close it several times a day. Hence, it will need an annual servicing session. However, you might use it less if it is home safe or a fire safe. While such safes still need servicing, not as regularly.

  •         If you notice the following signs, you safe need its servicing session:
  •         The combination lock is getting hard to open
  •         The dial gets crooked, loose, or hard
  •         The lock bolts become loose
  •         The door doesn’t open easily
  •         The safe door is not opening or closing

The Importance of Safe Repair and Service

Finding a safe locksmith near me for your safe repair is essential. That way, if there is any issue, they can always come back quickly to solve the problem.

Safe experts often mention the advantages and importance of keeping safe. Similarly, you must choose a safe that suits your needs and keeps up with security demands.

While keeping a safe has become a necessity, it is also essential to get it serviced regularly. This will help you maintain the safe’s functioning. A safe provides adequate security for your valuables and gives you peace of mind. It’s best to opt for regular servicing so your items are not at risk.

You can also opt for Sherlocks Locksmith’s free consultation service to ask anything about the types of safes and the repairs they might need in the future.

Different locks need different types of repair and maintenance services. For example, people have relied on combination locks for years, and the basis of their functionality is that parts move inside the door. Like a machine needs regular oiling, the parts of a combination lock also need regular maintenance and check-ups.

The bolts of a combination lock can get dirty with time, resulting in a jammed door. Consistent maintenance can help keep the lock clean and free of dirt, so it provides excellent performance.

But it’s not just combination locks that have to deal with these issues; a key-lock safe faces something similar. If you do not maintain it regularly, the bolts can get stuck, causing the door to jam. It can also wear out the bolts until you can no longer lock the safe, putting your valuables at risk.

At Sherlocks Locksmith, we follow the safe locksmith method, which allows us to service your safe without causing any damage. While immense external pressure can cause a safe to open, it renders your safe useless by damaging it permanently. Our repair service will save you time and money by retaining your safe’s functional capabilities.

Quality Safe Repair Service

What to do after a break-in?

If someone trespassed onto your property and tried to jam open the safe, you need repair services. It is likely that the trespasser hit the safe with something hard and heavy or applied other methods to open it.

Even if the damage is not visible outside, the safe may have suffered from internal damage. Hire our emergency services to repair your safe in no time.

If you are trying to open your safe, contact a certified and trained safe opener or safe opening locksmith.

Locksmith Manhattan NY
Locksmith Manhattan NY

Can You Conduct Safe Repair Yourself?

It is better for a professional to repair your safe than a layman. A safe runs on a combination of mechanisms, and each machine requires repair work. Professional locksmiths undergo years of training and experience to conduct repair and maintenance work.

If you don’t want your safe to suffer from any damage, get a locksmith professional to repair it instead of doing it yourself. The same applies to safe combination change – make sure it is working correctly first.

Nowadays, multiple online tutorials claim that they teach viewers to complete repair work independently. However, many of such videos are by professionals themselves. You can practice on low-quality safes if you like doing it yourself.

However, to keep your valuables secure and prevent your investment from being wasted, it is essential that you take your safe to a certified locksmith.

Purchasing a Second-Hand Safe

Safes are becoming affordable and accessible with time. If you purchase a second-hand safe, it will need frequent servicing. This is why experts greatly emphasize maintenance.

Since you won’t know how previous owners used it, you should take advantage of everything. Instead, get it checked before purchasing it. Check for any internal or external damage the safe could have.

If everything is fine, double the servicing sessions to ensure it is enough to secure your valuables. Another cause for repairs with second-hand safes is that when someone not equipped with the proper safe moving equipment tries to relocate the safe, they might damage it.

Locksmith Manhattan NY
Locksmith Manhattan NY

What Not To Do With Your Safe

As a safe owner, one of the mistakes you can make is ignoring the obvious signs that show that your safe needs repairing. You either need to pay more attention to the requirements, or you might be saving money by calling a generic locksmith.

If you are trying to repair the safe yourself, you only end up further damaging it, possibly spending more money than a one-time professional repair would cost. Safe repair requires professional touch and tools. A steady hand repairing a safe will be long-term instead of a temporary DIY.

Expert locksmiths have the knowledge and skill to repair a safe as needed. Do not touch a WD-40 whenever you think your dial is getting stuck. This might seem a good solution, but it will only increase your problem in the long run.

If you feel the safe is not opening quickly, move your valuables to a secure location. Please do not leave them lying in there. Call a professional locksmith for safe repair and maintenance immediately.

Safe Locksmith Services

with Sherlocks Locksmith Professionals, NYC

We provide certified and professional services throughout New York City. Our decade-long experience gives us the upper hand in providing safe locksmith services and building a trusting relationship with our customers.

We offer safe repair, installation, and maintenance services to secure and fulfill clients’ safe repair needs.

Licensed Safe Experts

Sherlocks Locksmith has licensed and certified professionals who undergo strict background checks and training programs to become a permanent part of our team. We never compromise on our customer’s trust and security.

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Regular use of safe, mechanics and force can affect the quality of the safe. This can compromise the reliability of your safe. This leads to several problems with key locks, combinations, and even jammed doors. When the safe does not work properly, your valuables are no longer safe.

Call our number to book an appointment for our repair service. Our efficient and certified locksmiths will ensure to resolve all your issues on a timely basis. Our employees are professional locksmiths who offer the best solution for your problem. We also use unmarked service vans to ensure safety and security of our clients.

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