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We are expert professionals dedicated to providing the best safe locksmith services possible. Sherlocks Locksmith has more than a decade’s experience of providing services to customers in New York City.

Dedicated Safe Locksmith Experts In New York City and surrounding areas

Sherlocks Locksmith

We provide a range of safe services 24/7 to our customers.

  • Safe Installation
  • Safe Repair
  • Safe Combination Change
  • Safe Lock Change
  • Safe Moving
  • Safe Opening
  • Safe Manipulation
  • Safe Door Drill and Repair

Some of the other locksmith services that we do are:

  • Emergency Locksmith
  • Residential Locksmith
  • Commercial Locksmith
  • Security Locksmith
  • Safe Sales
  • Auto Locksmith and Car Key          Replacement

Serving as Dedicated Experts in New York City


We love what we do because we want to tackle some of the biggest problems in the locksmith industry. There aren’t enough Safe Opening experts in New York City. Our certified professionals can unlock your safe and ensure that you continue using it afterward, with no damage whatsoever. We have gained a positive reputation in New York City for our safety and security services.

We understand the concerns that many of our customers have regarding their safes. That’s why we offer fantastic locksmith services. We continuously adapt and expand our offerings to include security measures. This means better access control, biometric technology, door installation, and safe repair and installation. Our integrated strategy enables us to address various safety concerns while providing significant outcomes to our customers.

Dedicated Safe Locksmith Experts In New York City and surrounding areas

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Safe Locksmith Services We Offer

Safe Opening

Safe Opening What sets us apart from other locksmiths is that we open the safe using the Safe Opening procedure. We will not require you to purchase a new safe once we have completed our work on yours. After we repair it, you can use the identical one. It will be as safe as it was before the renovations and opening.

Safe Lock Change

We use the most up-to-date tools to ensure that you receive the finest safe lock change service possible. We understand how essential security is to you, and we make certain that it is not jeopardized. Our locksmiths provide high-quality service so you may feel safe about the security of your safe.

Safe Lock Manipulation and Repair

Sherlocks Locksmith provides current, up-to-date equipment and skills to its locksmiths for safe lock manipulation and repair. Our years of experience and trustworthy relationships with clients demonstrate our skill. All across New York, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get a free consultation by calling us!

Safe Moving

Due to our experience shipping and installing safes, Sherlocks Locksmith has the abilities and tools to complete the job correctly. Moving a safe can be difficult and even dangerous. Each task has its own specific aspects, whether it's a simple installation into a garage or a more difficult delivery over an indoor marble or hardwood floor, up the stairs, or via tiny passageways. We know how to move safely and cautiously; skill takes precedence over strength.

Safe Installation

The safe installation process guarantees that the safe is properly installed. It also makes it difficult to remove the safe from its location. Before installing a safe, make sure to check all of the regulations to ensure that the structure is not damaged in any way. Many safes come with instructions on how to correctly install them; nonetheless, the safe's weight and height are significant factors to consider. It is preferable to use a professional with extensive expertise installing safes.

Safe Repair

Safes were once only found in offices and major enterprises, but they are now more widely available. Safes have become more affordable for residential, retail, and even commercial use. There are now numerous distinct types of safes, each focusing on a specific requirement. Before purchasing a safe, people now have a variety of options to consider. Our years of knowledge and hard work have prepared us to repair a wide range of safes. We also provide a training program for our locksmiths so that they are aware of the trusted relationship we have with our clients.

Safe Door Drill and Repair

Many people who own safes are unaware of the distinction between simply opening the safe and opening it and putting it to use. They have no idea that they can use the safe in the same way that it was before we opened it. Some safe owners believe that opening the safe will harm it; however, this is only true if you use an inexperienced locksmith. Sherlock's locksmiths are highly skilled and experienced. Throughout the process, your safes are in good hands. For safe opening drilling and mending services in NYC, contact us.

Emergency Locksmith

Emergencies can occur at any moment. With daily use, locks and keys are prone to wear and tear or even becoming lost. You'll have problems with anything that has a lock, from mailboxes to automobiles, so It's helpful to have an emergency locksmith on hand when this happens! Call Sherlocks Locksmith right away! We have safe and lock experts who can unlock your safe, storage, mailbox, or doors swiftly and efficiently. We are familiar with every safe model used in Manhattan, New York. Now, you won't have to worry about losing your possessions.

Residential Locksmith

Jammed Locks or latches When you call Sherlocks, your initial assessment of the problem will be quite helpful. It will assist our lock professionals in identifying potential issues with your lock. This enables them to deliver appropriate services, including everything from repair to replacement. · Broken Key Stuck in the Door Your Sherlocks home locksmith has specialized tools to retrieve the broken key carefully. They can also dismantle and reassemble the lock if necessary. You can even get a fresh copy of your key made by a local Sherlock locksmith. · Broken and Misaligned Locks When you're having trouble closing the door, it's time to contact Sherlocks. Our qualified lock technician will investigate the root cause of the misaligned locks. It could be a warped wooden door, incorrectly placed locks, or other factors. We assure you that our professionals will resolve all issues to handle the situation. · Loose Knobs, Handles, and Locks Sherlocks offers a residential locksmith service that can assist you with this problem. Various problems can result in loose lock parts. A skilled locksmith can quickly spot these issues and offer remedies.

Commercial Locksmith

Sherlocks secures your business in everything from lockouts to security system upgrades.

Dealing with a commercial lockout necessitates the use of skilled locksmiths. Company security and lock systems are even more complicated and advanced in most cases. Our highly trained locksmiths can quickly open any type of lock or door.

Our security professionals have immense experience in installing locks of various types, brands, and models. We tailor your security solution to your specific requirements. This ensures that your company stays safe at all times.

New York has trusted us for more than ten years. We can handle any type of problem, whether it’s a stuck lock or a broken security system. Our professionals can work with virtually any type and brand of lock or security system on the market.

Locksmiths from Sherlocks are well-versed in dealing with high-security concerns regarding safes. We offer various services, including key combination resets, lockout solutions, safe installation, lock repairs, and safe relocation.

We provide expert evaluation and relevant recommendations that align with your company’s needs. Our security professionals are well-versed in security system brands, innovative methods, and other advancements. We’ll work within your budget and requirements to ensure we meet your company’s safety needs.

The extensive security features of a home security system are one of the main reasons to install one. Alarm systems prevent intruders from attempting to break into your home or company just by being present. Meanwhile, security cameras provide protection with the added ability to capture footage of intruders.

Sherlocks Locksmith also provides packages to organizations. These include a kit that provides monitoring and security services in addition to remote access to your home security devices. When you’re away at work or on vacation, it isn’t easy to keep an eye on your home or business. As a result, these businesses provide round-the-clock surveillance at your location.

They can check for emergencies, such as fires, break-ins, or other mishaps. They can also contact authorities on your behalf in the event of an emergency. Because they continue working while you’re away, you can prevent further harm to your valuables.

Sherlocks can assist you in selecting and configuring the finest access control system for your needs. We’ll assist you in choosing the best access control for your security system. Furthermore, we are ready for installation, repairs, assessments, and maintenance at any time.

While installing a CCTV camera in your home may appear simple, it is advisable to seek professional help. Sherlocks Locksmith provides complete security services, which involves assistance you with installing cameras in strategic locations across your home or office. Furthermore, we thoroughly test them to guarantee compatibility with your present security system.

While installing a CCTV camera in your home may seem simple, seeking professional help is the best approach. Sherlocks offers a full range of security services, which involves helping with the installation of cameras in strategic areas across your home or business. We’ll also thoroughly test them to ensure they’re compatible with your current security system.


Our auto locksmith is always available to help you, especially in an emergency. We have the most up-to-date technologies and techniques. Allow our local auto locksmith to open your car door safely and securely. With our help, you’ll be on your way in a matter of minutes.

Towing your car to the mechanic can be extremely expensive. Your automobile lock is likely broken. We provide a variety of automotive locksmith services, including car door repairs. Contact us today to save money and time.

Sherlocks is your go-to company for auto locksmith services in NYC. Apart from opening your door, we can also help replace your car keys. We can produce a replacement for you in no time, whether you have a metal key or an electronic key fob. We’ll even represent you to your car dealer or manufacturer.

Towing your car to the mechanic can be extremely expensive. If your automobile lock is broken, we provide a variety of automotive locksmith services, including car door repairs. Contact us today to save money and time.

Our Mission

Our mission for a safer New York:

  • Our goal is to continue providing respectable, beneficial, and high-quality services in New York.
  • We aim to be at your doorstep immediately during an emergency.
  • Our goal is to stay relevant with the most recent security solutions available.
  • We consider ourselves to be industry leaders as every member of our team continues learning about and the latest effective locksmith and safe solutions.
  • Sherlocks Locksmith prioritizes and invests in customers’ needs, such as combination changes, safe installations, lockouts, troubleshooting, lock repair, and installations.

So, here are a few reasons to..

Why Choose Us?

Dedicated and Trustworthy Professionals

Sherlocks Locksmith has been serving clients for more than ten years. We offer safe and reliable service to our clients. Our clientele knows us for our trustworthiness, and we have an excellent reputation throughout New York. Our staff operates in a secure and safe environment, and they can only join the team after completing our security training program.


Our safe locksmith service is more dependable and efficient, as we are a family-owned business. When you contact us for our service, we ensure the utmost care, and this personal touch improves the quality and consistency of our work.

Fast and Efficient

We provide a fast and efficient Safe Locksmith service, seven days a week. We recognize our customers' urgency and arrive at their location in record time. Our customer service representatives have the necessary training to deal with high-pressure situations and emergencies. All you have to do is call us and leave your safe troubles to us.

Strict Security Measures

We recognize how essential security and privacy are to our clients. Our locksmiths ensure that you are comfortable with them working in your vicinity when you call us. To make you feel safe, they go through a rigorous training regimen. All of Sherlocks Locksmith's staff undergoes a thorough background check to see if they have a criminal past. We do not make any compromises when it comes to consumer security.

24/7 Response

We are available for our clients at all hours of the day and night. We understand our clients' demands, and no time of day can prevent us from meeting their needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us at all hours because our locksmiths are always available to help.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us or call us at (212) 729-1375 if you have any questions regarding the services you see on this site. 

We value your home and business and look forward to providing you with the services you need to ensure your safety.

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