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How does a Depository Safe Work?

A depository safe is for your employees to insert cash in the safe without accessing a code or a key. Your employees do not have access to the safe’s contents, but they can put cash inside through the opening of the safe. No one can take out the cash once it is inside. A depository safe eliminates cash piling up in drawers or tills. This is better for both organization and safety purposes.

Every day, businesses handle lots of money. Accountants can’t make frequent visits to the bank and deposit cash in a single day. A depository safe makes it much easier to handle cash in the office. Not to mention, the sight of large amounts of cash can tempt any employee. It will be easier for your peace of mind to have the cash out of danger’s way.

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Who Needs a Depository Safe?

There are several businesses that need a depository safe on a daily basis. Some of these are:

  •         Retail Stores
  •         Hotels
  •         Gas Stations
  •         Non-profit organizations
  •         Restaurants
  •         Car Washes
  •         Police Department
  •         Convenience Stores
  •         Malls
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What is an Ideal Depository Safe for your Business?

There are many different kinds of depository safes to choose from. You can go for a front-loading deposit safe that comes with a posting slot. Or, you can opt for a capsule deposit safe that’s connected to an underground safe. Or if you’re operating as a police department or hospital, a rotary drum deposit safe, which has a large aperture, works great. To store large items, cash, and documents, a rotating drop safe is a good choice.

A depository safe is also a good investment as it will reduce your insurance premier. Advance purchases will prepare you, prevent possible theft, and give you a peaceful mind.

What Type of Safe Depository Can You Choose?

There are many different kinds of depository safes that you can choose. They can include:

  •          A rotary drum deposit safe
  •         Capsule deposit safes connected with underground safes
  •         front-loading deposit safe that has a posting slot


There is a wide range of locking systems in depository safes. Some of them require presence of key-holders which adds an added layer of protection. Some other safes have an electronic device that keeps track of the safe’s last opening, allowing tracking. Depository safes should be bolted down a fixed location upon installation. This way, you can’t readily relocate and open them elsewhere with explosive devices.

Professional locksmiths at Sherlocks work well under pressure. We understand the urgency and importance of time. We work on combination dials, electronic keypads, timers, and other locks on a safe. This is quite a common emergency in large companies, so do not hesitate to call us. Our locksmiths can reach your destination in record time.

Emergencies demand great focus under immense pressure. Our skillful locksmiths carefully complete the process without causing any damage to the safe. Some of the methods we use include:

Why Choose Sherlocks Locksmith Professionals

Certified Locksmiths

Sherlocks Locksmith hires only highly qualified and competent locksmiths. Our locksmiths hold immense knowledge and experience. They have extensive experience in designing and fixing locks, keys, and other security systems by different manufacturers.

Competent Customer Service

When you call Sherlocks locksmith, a helpful agent can connect you with a professional who can address your concerns. The skilled locksmiths on our team will be happy to help you. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with our services. Our customer service representatives will provide all the important information you require regarding your safes, locks, and security system. They'll take you through the steps and explain everything in detail. One of our main goals is to provide efficient and friendly client service.

Trustable Locksmiths

All our locksmiths are subject to a thorough background check. This ensures that you're dealing with a professional locksmith. You can feel confident that you are in good hands when working with a Sherlocks professional locksmith.

Safe Locksmith Services in NYC

Sherlocks Locksmith Services provides safe opening, repair, and installation services to its customers

Safe Lock Change

We provide several services, including safe unlocking, lock replacement, and combination changing and repair. Changing your safe's combination lock is a simple approach to boost security. When someone who has access to your safe leaves your organization for any reason, you should replace the lock and combination. It's a quick, simple, and low-cost procedure that only takes a few minutes. When we repair your safe, we don't destroy the lock, which sets us apart from other locksmiths. We follow a safe opening method to use the safe again with confidence. Give us a call, and we'll be there in no time!

Safe Installation

Sherlocks Locksmith provides 24/7 consultation, installation, and repair services. We can help you install floor and wall safes, as well as select a standalone safe that matches your requirements. Here at Sherlocks Locksmith, installing, repairing, opening, and customizing home and commercial safes is our specialty. If you ever need any assistance with your safe, we’re only a phone call away.

Safe Servicing

Repeated usage, atmospheric exposure, and many other factors can deteriorate the condition of a safe. The safe's ability to keep valuables secure can grow weaker due to this. In these situations, it’s vital to get a professional locksmith who can restore the safe to its previous working state. Our trustworthy locksmiths can supply high-quality safe opening repair services that can endure any type of damage.

If you cannot open or repair your safe using a traditional process, we can help. Remember not to try opening it on your own by force. Sure, you may be able to unlock the safe, but this will impair its usefulness in the long run. We open the safe using industry-set methods, leveraging professional tools so that we don’t damage the contents.

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