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With more than a decade of industry experience, we eat, sleep and breathe safes in New York. Familiar with every neighborhood, in every borough. Know how to deal with every Safe or Vault. Sherlocks is your solution.

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In the vibrant heart of New York, amidst a sea of ads, you might find yourself whispering, “I need a safe locksmith near me.” But here’s a word of advice: not every locksmith can handle the intricacies of safes and vaults. There’s a vast chasm between a generic locksmith and a true safe and vault expert.

Sherlocks Safes stands as a beacon of expertise in this specialized realm. While a standard locksmith might fumble with mere lock and key tasks, our safe locksmiths delve deeper into the art. This is a sophisticated craft built on meticulous training and a legacy of trust.

Our services span the gamut from safe opening and safe moving to safe repair, but they all come with a seal of Sherlock’s unparalleled safe locksmith services. True safe openers don’t merely navigate locks—they master the intricate safe opening techniques, offer holistic home safe installation, and even cater to the nuanced needs of a safe combination change.

Whether it’s the elegance of Fire Safes, the robustness of Burglary Safes, the intimacy of Home Safes, or the might of Business Safes, our refined safe opening service handles each with unmatched finesse. We’ve solidified our reputation as the top-tier locksmith for safes across New York’s diverse sectors—from prestigious banks and bustling restaurants to quiet pharmacies and thriving retail establishments.

When you think safes, think Sherlocks Safes. Because with us, your precious belongings aren’t just safe—they’re secured with an authority that only true expertise can offer.

Here are a few qualities that stand us out from the rest of the locksmiths:

Safe Opening and Repair

The common misconception is that it must be destroyed to open up a locked safe. Unfortunately, many generic locksmiths will claim that if you lock your safe, it MUST be cut open, which is incorrect in 99% of the cases.

As safe locksmiths, even when we need to drill into a safe, they can repair it to be as functional as before. Besides, drilling a safe is not the only way to open it. A real safe & vault expert has the knowledge to try other methods before drilling a locked safe.

Upgrade Safe Security

Upgrading the safe & vault security can come in many forms. What is most common is upgrading the safe lock. Let us explain. Behind every door, there is a safe lock.

Besides the convenience and personal preference on how each person decides to open the safe (electronic or mechanical lock), switching it is another benefit. Upgrading the security.

At Sherlocks, we install the highest quality locks and have the ones with the highest level of protection (e.g., the Kaba Mas X-10 and S&G 8400.) If you are thinking about upgrading your safe security, give us a call, and we will be happy to find the best solution.

Safe Servicing

The number of cases where a customer is locked out of the safe because of a malfunction is endless. However, a safe repair can be avoided in most cases if proper maintenance is carried out. Over the years, we serviced safes that were 100+ years old, and some were in perfect condition.

Actually, some safes, with proper care, will last a lifetime. Safe servicing and maintenance include inspecting all parts of the mechanism of the safe and lock. Make sure the bolts are tight, the mechanics are lubricated, the lock is mounted, and even if the mechanical wheel pack is running smooth.

If you take care of your safe now, then your safe may last a lifetime — and that is precisely what we want to help you do.


We carry the most advanced tools to tackle any issue with your safe. One of the most important things we’ve learned as safe locksmith experts in New York City is that there is no “one-size-fits-all.”

Every safe is different, which means we carry dozens of different types of tools. For the right safe, the right tool will bring the correct result. Safe professionalism also comes into play with proper planning. When you call, we’ll gather as much information as possible on the phone before arriving.

Not only to give the most accurate quote but also to make sure the job gets carried out in the most professional manner.

Problem Solving

If you want to be a real safe expert locksmith, you need to have a passion for problem-solving.

Even the most experienced safe expert will frequently arrive at a safe that no one else has information about. That is the beauty of the industry, but sometimes the frustration. A real safe expert with the knowledge and ability to solve problems will find a solution to open and deal with any safe or vault.

Planning, professionalism, problem-solving, efficiency, and preciseness are just a few of the characteristics of a trustworthy, safe locksmith.

Why Choose Our Safe Locksmith and Safe Moving Services?

Dedicated and Trustworthy Professionals

Sherlocks Locksmith has been serving clients for more than ten years. We offer safe and reliable service to our clients. Our clientele knows us for our trustworthiness, and we have an excellent reputation throughout New York. Our staff operates in a secure and safe environment, and they can only join the team after completing our training program.

Professionally Licensed and Trained

A good technician knows how to learn from every job how to be better; yet, every tech must have training at reputable institutes to provide them with the right professional, safe background. Our techs have gone through training programs at top-grade locksmith schools, including Lockmasters Security Institute, the ALOA (Association for Locksmiths of American), Safetech, and the annual SAVTA (Safe & Vault Association) Conference.

24/7 Response

We are available for our clients at all hours of the day and night. We understand our clients' demands, and no time of day can prevent us from meeting their needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us at all hours because our locksmiths are always available to help.

Fast and Efficient

We provide a fast and efficient Safe Locksmith service, seven days a week. We recognize our customers' urgency and arrive at their location in record time. Our customer service representatives have the necessary training to deal with high-pressure situations and emergencies. All you have to do is call us and leave your safe troubles to us.

Strict Security Measures

We recognize how essential security and privacy are to our clients. Our locksmiths ensure that you are comfortable with them working in your vicinity when you call us. To make you feel safe, they go through a rigorous training regimen. All of Sherlocks Locksmith's Safe Experts undergoes a thorough background check to see if they have a criminal past. We do not make any compromises when it comes to consumer security.

Sherlocks Safes Safe Locksmith, Opening and Safe Moving Services

Sherlocks Safes has carved a niche as NYC’s most trusted service for those exclaiming, “I can’t open my vault or safe!” Whether you’re struggling with a home or business safe, Our expertise spans all domains. Our home safe opening service  offers a comprehensive solution for residents who lament, “I can’t open my safe.” Our technicians use effective safe opening locksmith techniques, ensuring that precious belongings are accessible, without damaging the safe.

For businesses, a locked safe or vault can stall operations. Sherlocks Safes understands this urgency and our business safe opening service caters specifically to commercial entities. Our swift vault opening service ensures minimum downtime.

High-security safes, known for their robustness, are no match for Sherlocks Safes. Our high-security safe solutions employ specialized safe manipulation techniques and if needed safe drilling (no damage to the safe.) Whether you’re in Bronx NY, Brooklyn NY, Manhattan NY, or Queens NY, they can crack the most formidable safes.

Ever heard of safe lock manipulation? Sherlocks Safes can employ advanced safe opener method promising access without any damage. For those in a safe lockout in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx and the surrounding areas or wondering about safe unlocking service near me, Sherlocks Safes is the answer. This is especially important when cant open vault.

Sometimes, a safe might require a more direct approach. Sherlock’s Safes, with its safe door drill and repair service at  ensures that if they have to drill a safe, it’s done professionally. So, whether you’re seeking Gardall safe opening or need assistance with any brand like Amsec, or if you’re just puzzled about how to drill out a safe lock, they’ve got you covered.

In the dynamic world of security, sherlock’s safes stands out, not just as a beacon of safety but as the gold standard in safe repair services. our legacy is underlined by our commitment to safeguarding what you hold precious, with an expertise that spans across a diverse range of safes, ensuring their longevity and reliability.

one of our distinguished services is gun safe repair. firearms require an exceptional level of security, both for the safety of the owner and the community at large. over time, gun safes may encounter wear and tear, or even more intricate issues that require a specialized touch. our technicians understand the nuances of these safes, ensuring they are restored to their optimal functioning state, providing peace of mind that your firearm is secure.

moreover, we excel in old safe opening. vintage safes, while exuding charm and often holding sentimental or historical value, come with their own set of challenges. with age, their mechanisms can degrade, making them difficult to access. our skilled team has the knowledge and tools to delicately, yet efficiently, open and restore them, preserving their essence and value.

for those looking to enhance their safe’s security level or who’ve perhaps forgotten their access code, our safe combination changing service is second to none. we provide a seamless transition to a new combination, ensuring that your valuables remain protected under a new layer of security.

at the heart of Sherlocks Safes is our core safe repair service. whether it’s wear and tear, a faulty mechanism, or any unforeseen damages, our safe repair company has a solution tailored for every challenge. we believe that a safe’s durability is a testament to its quality, and our safe repairs endeavor to uphold this belief.

in essence, Sherlocks Safes isn’t just another safe repair service. it’s a promise of professionalism, a commitment to excellence, and most importantly, a trusted partner in your journey towards absolute security.

Sherlocks Safes specializes in home safe installation with over a decade of expertise in the field. With a team of certified locksmiths, we offer services in New York, ensuring safes are securely installed in homes and businesses. These safes, whether they’re standalone, wall-mounted, or floor-based, are crucial for safeguarding valuables against theft, fire, or natural disasters. A correctly installed safe is hard to remove or damage. For effective theft prevention, it’s recommended that safes are strategically placed out of plain sight, like inside walls or hidden behind furniture.

To guard against floods, safes should be elevated and constructed with materials like steel or concrete. Inside, valuable items should be stored in waterproof containers for added protection. In case of fires, the ideal location for safes is in corners on the ground level, preferably close to sprinklers. However, certain areas should be avoided for safe installation. The master bedroom is commonly targeted by thieves, making it less secure.

Garages, on the other hand, are vulnerable to natural disasters and are often easily accessible. When deciding on the type of safe, consider standalone safes for their weight and security, wall safes for their concealment attributes, or floor safes for their low visibility and robustness. In terms of installation, trust professionals like Sherlocks Locksmith. Our team ensures the safe is securely anchored, mindful of the building’s structure. Wooden floors might not be ideal for heavy safes, and potential under-floor utilities should be approached with caution. Sherlocks Safes remains at your service, providing round-the-clock consultation and assistance in New York.

We offer a comprehensive range of services related to safe moving, catering to various needs, and ensuring the safety of your valuables. our team includes professional gun safe movers, specializing in the safe transportation and installation process. whether you’re seeking gun safe movers in my area or gun safe movers near me, we provide expert assistance to make the process seamless.

our commitment to safety extends to those in need of safe delivery service. whether you’re relocating or acquiring a new safe, we ensure its secure and efficient transportation to your desired location. our services aren’t limited to just moving gun safes; we also handle the relocation of large safes, making us your go-to choice for moving a large gun safe.

as companies that move gun safes, we understand the unique challenges involved in relocating these heavy and valuable assets. with a team of local gun safe movers dedicated to serving your needs, we provide peace of mind and reliability. when you’re looking for gun safe moving services, look no further than sherlock’s safes.

our team comprises professional gun safe movers near me, ensuring that you receive expert assistance close to your location. we prioritize the safety of your belongings and strive to meet your specific requirements. trust sherlock’s safes for all your safe moving needs in new york.

Safe Lock Change Why change a lock on a safe? Well, there are many reasons. Even the highest quality locks suffer from wear-and-tear. Without the proper maintenance, their quality can start deteriorating and you may just find yourself locked out the next time you try to open the safes. Another reason people request Safe Lock Changes is that they want an upgrade to a digital lock.

Did you know that you can swap almost any type of mechanical lock to a digital one (or vice versa)? Give us a call and we can explain more about it.

Safe Maintenance

Due to repeated use, atmospheric exposure, and various other factors, the condition of a safe may deteriorate with time. As a result, the safe’s ability to keep valuables safe may also deteriorate. Having a professional restore the safe to its former working state is vital in these situations. Our dependable locksmiths can offer you high-quality, secure repair services that can manage any form of damage. We can help. A safe can open with enough force, although this will diminish the safe’s functionality over time.

We use our technical skills to open the safe safely and securely without causing any damage. We can help you maintain your safety. Get in touch with us if you cannot unlock or repair your safe using traditional procedures.

Changing the combination of your safe several times will improve security. For example, if an employee who knows the code leaves the company for whatever reason, you should change it to guarantee that your safety is not affected. Repeat the procedure after a few months to ensure that the code is only shared with people who have access to the safe. With our safe combination service, you can immediately replace and update the combination.

We don’t make our customers wait. Changing a combination on a safe needs to be done by a professional, especially for complex mechanical locks.

Are You Looking For A Safe Service?​

We Can Handle Any Safe

If you are looking for a safe, get in touch with us immediately! We deal in multiple varieties of safes and provide a free consultation to help you choose the right one.

Business Safes

Smart Safes, Cash Safes, Money-Management Safe, and even standard Commercial Grade Burglary Safes — Sherlocks Safe Locksmith Experts have years of experience working with businesses, finding the right safe that fits their needs.Besides having commercial burglary protection, business safes have different functionalities that help businesses with access control on the different personnel that has access to the safe. That includes audit logs, time restrictions, multiple code options, manager codes, master codes, and more!

Burglary Safes

Burglary Safes are meant to protect your valuables from burglary and theft. Sherlocks Safe Locksmiths' UL Certified RSC, B, C, and TL Rated Safes C Rated Burglary Safes at the minimum have U.L. listed Group II combination locks or Type 1 electronic locks. The open-hearth steel ranges from 3/16″ all the way to above 1″ with a minimum tensile strength of 50,000 P.S.I.A burglary successfully resists entry for a net when attacked against rigorous prying, drilling, punching, chiseling, and tampering attacks by burglars and thieves — trying to take what you own.

Gun Safes

Choose the gun safe that safe locksmiths choose. For home or business, Alpine Safe offers Gun Safes for every person at any price point. Believe it or not, many gun safes seem safe on the outside but are easily accessible. We know this as safe locksmiths.After servicing, opening, moving, and installing hundreds of safes, Alpine Safe is committed to providing only the gun safes with the highest security and fire protection. Gun safes that we can stand behind. Gun safes that we, as safe locksmiths — know are most secure.

Fire Safes

When it comes to fire protection, you can count on us with the safes with highest fire-rating in the market. Our Fire Safes are constructed with inner and outer steel plates enclosing a poured fire insulating material creating a seamless fire barrier.
These safes offer superior fire protection and have been tested by either Underwriters Laboratories UL rating or Intertek ETL with a UL ½ hr., 1 hr. and 2 hr. fire endurance classifications.
and fire protection possible for our documents.

Cash & Depository Safes

There are many types of depository safes, including top-loading safes, front-loading safes, rear-load drop safes, drop drawer safes, depository safes with drop slots, and under-counter safes.Choosing the right type of depository safe may seem simple, but there is more to it. Different types of businesses use different types of depository safes. Give us a call for a free consultation, and we’ll figure out together which one best fits your needs.

Home Safes

Our High Security Safe collection include TL-15, TL-30 and TL30/6 safes. The High Security safes are manufactured to specifications which are more stringent than most competitors in the market. The anti-burglary components include cross locking relockers, punch resistant spindle handle and locks, tempered glass relocking triggers, bridge mounted lock and 1 1/2″ formed stainless steel locking bars.Our High Security Safes have the option to come with high security mechanical locks and dual key locking systems.

Let Us Help You Find the Right Safe






High Security

Not Sure What You Need?

We Have Burglary and Fire Safes of Every UL Rating

What Are Fire And Burglary Ratings In A Safe?

Safes are now present in the majority of homes and businesses. The safe’s classification and rating indicate the level of protection that the safe provides in a fire or burglary. It can be unclear when buying a safe for the first time, but you can purchase a decent, secure safe for yourself with the right instruction.

Who Rates The Safes?

Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL), the testing body that tests and assigns ratings, and Intertek-ETL is another business that conducts testing and assigns ratings. The safes should meet the specific criteria to receive the ratings.

Insurance companies determine the construction ratings for safes to create a standard by which to judge the safe’s safety measures. Underwriters’ Laboratories’ testing gives the safes a rating based on their performance.

Authentic Fire and Burglary Rated Safe with Locksmith services

Still confused about the safe ratings?

Call us to get a free consultation!

We Offer Complete Support, Solutions, and Service

We enjoy what we do, and it helps us address one of the safe locksmith industry’s most pressing issues. In New York City, there aren’t enough professionals who can open safes. Our qualified technicians will unlock your safe and ensure its usage again without causing any damage. Our safety and security services have earned us a good reputation in New York.

We understand that many of our clients get worried about the security of their safes. We provide the highest quality locksmith services, and we are constantly adapting and expanding our services to include security features. Access control, biometric technology, door installation, and safe maintenance and installation are only a few of them. Our integrated strategy enables us to address various safety concerns while also delivering tangible results to our consumers.

Safe Locksmith and Vault Experts in New York City

Serving New York City's as the No. 1 Locksmith and Security Company

Safes have been around for quite some time. You may be familiar with vaults and safes from movies, but most of them get stolen and accessed only after meticulous planning. The reality, on the other hand, is somewhat different. Safes come in various shapes and sizes, and they are exceedingly difficult to break or open. Their weight, robust construction, high quality, and many locks ensure that your possessions are safe and secure. Safes are present in homes, businesses, retail stores, and other locations to secure valuables from fire, burglary, and other natural calamities.

Sherlock’s locksmith has been the leading Safe Locksmith in New York City, delivering reliable and expert services for more than ten years. Our specialties are safe maintenance, safe opening, repair, safe installation, and other services. We provide service throughout New York City 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a high response and return rate.

Our locksmiths are trustworthy and professional individuals that work with dedication and commitment. To create a positive and secure relationship with our consumers, they undergo extensive training and background checks. All of our customers are also entitled to a free consultation, so you may call and ask us any questions you have regarding safes and their services.

Our services expand to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester County, Nassau County, Bronx, and Queens. Get in touch today to learn more about safes and our services.

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Sherlocks Locksmith offers safe locksmith services in New York City. We have highly trained employees who can provide a wide range of services with great competence and professionalism. Our staff will advise you in each step with various safes available. You can contact us for any advice or a no-obligation consultation. You can also contact us if you need to purchase a new safe. Learn more about Sherlocks Safes — a safe locksmith near me.

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